About Us

The Last Mile Delivery (LMD) Expo and Convention 2019, powered by the India Warehousing Show (IWS) is a one of a kind platform for knowledge-sharing, networking and business development that aims at bringing together 200 industry experts - fulfilment, supply chain, last mile delivery, logistics, etc. from leading e-commerce and retail companies who face last mile challenges. Logistics, supply chain and technology solution providers who help address the challenges with their disruptive and innovative solutions thereby bringing efficiency and optimisation to the last mile process.


  • Learn how to develop better and efficient strategies to minimise costs and increase customer loyalty
  • Implement new practices and methodologies to improve operational efficiency to gain an edge over competition
  • Explore latest innovations and new technologies relevant to the industry
  • Discuss the most critical issues prevalent, pain points, opportunities and developments across the industry
  • Improve your customer engagement strategies from leading industry experts to stay ahead in an already challenging industry and environment
  • Network with international experts as well as industry thought leaders to keep abreast with latest trends and create accurate forecasting.
  • 30+ speaking experts and subject matter experts from e-commerce, retail and logistics sectors from India and around the world

June 2019

Pragati Maidan
Dew Delhi



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